Non-fitting dentures

Options for a better fitting denture

When a patient is missing all of the upper or lower teeth, it adversely affects eating, speech, facial contours, esthetics and overall health. An ill-fitting denture can create severe handicaps.

An ASIRD surgeon and dentist team will take time to discuss options to provide more stability for your dentures. In addition, they will provide answers to questions along the way.

Replacement of all upper or lower teeth includes removable dentures with built-in attachments that snap onto the dental implants

  1. Removable teeth with built-in fixtures that attach to the implants

If you choose to have a denture that attaches to the implants (removable teeth option), it will be necessary to wear a denture during the healing phase. The denture does not attach to the implants during healing. This phase may be difficult because the denture may feel loose and a secondary procedure is necessary to uncover the implants after healing

Not every dentist routinely restores and maintains dental implants, and not all placers of dental implants are surgeons. By using an ASIRD team, rest assured that your dentist routinely restores and maintains dental implants and only a trained surgeon will place your implant. By actively participating together in ASIRD qualified dental implant education programs, your team of doctors is able to offer you cutting-edge technologies and advanced innovations.

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