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Are you considering dental implants, but wonder what previous patients thought of the experience and results? Here are a few dental implant reviews from patients that address common concerns when considering the procedure.

“The experience was a lot better than what you would think – really, very little pain, all the procedures and everything they run through so you know what’s happening. And even while they’re operating and doing it, they’re constantly letting you know exactly- “this is going to happen” and “you might feel this” and I mean, it’s really very, very good.”

“I feel like a human with real teeth again! I love them- I can eat, I mean whatever I want to.”

“I had had a root canal done on one of my molars and that actually weakens your tooth and my tooth was gonna break at any point. At my surgery they were actually able to extract the tooth and place the implant in one surgery…and actually was surprised at how easy the whole process was. And then about three months later, I had my crown placed and was able to eat regular food again. I’m very happy with my results, it’s just like having my own tooth, which is very nice- I, I don’t think you could ask for anything more.”

“I ended up with six implants on the top and two on the bottom. They feel the same as my original teeth. I can eat anything that I’ve ate prior to and you cannot really tell the difference. Happy with everything- happy with the procedure and happy with Dr. Stone. No need for root canals now anyway.”

“I was given a even pre-anesthetic so it was painless from the very beginning, there wasn’t even a tinge of pain at all…three months later and I came in and had a talk test which allowed him to determine that the post was thoroughly embedded in the bone I think and then I was able to have a permanent restoration.”

“Implants feel great, I’ve had them for seven years. No one can tell either when I smile or anything. The recovery wasn’t too bad at all, you know- I was expecting it to be really bad. And I was lucky you know this day in age- modern technology- that they can go in and put fake teeth and not a big deal, like brand new regular. Haven’t had a problem since day one. They feel great, just like my regular teeth, you know I can’t even tell, it’s awesome.”

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